Romário com Float Health abraçando a causa "Movimento Duchenne"

Romário with Float Brasil embracing the cause “Movimento Duchenne”

Romário, the Brazilian ex-football player embraced “Movimento Duchenne” the PTC Therapeutic’s new campaign, promoted by Float Health in Brazil.

The striker, who was World Champion in 1994, will now “tackle” disease awareness towards Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a rare and neurodegenerative disease affecting male children during their yearly years.

The online platform “Movimento Duchenne” aims to be a direct channel of communication towards patients, relatives and carers, and all of those who wish to learn more about this condition, increasing their overall knowledge on the disease in order to help an early diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

The platform will be available online soon at

Photo: Romário in São Paulo with team Float Brasil