The end of the world as we share it

Communication is changing at an impressive pace. It is absolutely impossible to determine what (and how) advertising will look like in the future. In fact, we can’t even define it today: a time when a banner is something from a hundred years ago (webtime) and where tweeting, tagging, like or share are as mundane as the good old be-right-back. Currently, more than 500 websites are created in a minute and you can even find Japanese kids wearing t-shirts that can charge the battery of their smartphones. And this is just a glimpse of the new pop culture.

Although it is impossible to predict what a brand or business will be from here on, we can still try to imagine.

Here, our day is spent doing just that. Because in the hallucinating world we live in, there must also be room to develop technology adapted to our customer’s circumstances, to impact the consumer with innovative ideas (and mind you, everything starts with a great idea), to change opinions, create new brands and swing the game in our partner’s way. Creating strategies and great concepts. Better still: Great brilliantly integrated concepts.

After all, if they pop, we rock.   

Truth be said, we are required to do so. Don’t get us wrong, we prefer it that way. Are you familiar with the old philosophical adagio: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, has it really fallen?”. That’s more or less our point – increasingly concerned with their consumption habits, people seek information, create trends, generate opinions. If it didn’t generate buzz, then it didn’t exist.

Float Group is immersed in the times we are living. And we know that, in order to turn simple noise into opinion and certainty, we need the best team. A team such as ours.