DECO lixo nao e agua v2

“Lixo Não é Água”, a campaign created by Float Play

“Lixo Não é Água” (Trash Is Not Water) is the new awareness campaign from DECO (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection), created by Float Play. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the need to create an alternative calculation method in the municipal waste tax.

Widely diffused in the different media, both on and offline, DECO’s campaign wants to raise the numbers of supporters for this cause, fight the unfair tax system, promote consumer’s education and encourage a more responsible attitude towards these matters.

To get to know more about the campaign, click here.


Float Group leads Make Sense 2017 campaign

The Make Sense Campaign is a unique initiative carried out every year by the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS), which rallies for a cause unknown by many: head and neck cancer. The campaigns, held in Portugal by Grupo de Estudos de Cancro de Cabeça e Pescoço (GECCP) and by ASADOCORAL, Associação dos Amigos dos Doentes com Cancro Oral, usually revolve around a different theme every year, seeking to raise awareness to the problem and towards the patients’ needs.

This year, Float Group had the privilege of being chosen to develop the new Portuguese campaign, highlighting the relevance of self-esteem and support of recovering patients.

Click here to watch the campaign video.


Carmen Botelho da Float Group integra equipa vencedora do RB Lions Health Innovation Hack 2017

Carmen Botelho on the Lions Trophy winning team at RB & Lions Health Innovation Hack 2017

Carmen Botelho, Global Creative Director and Managing Partner at Float Group, was part of the winning team of the RB & Lions Health Innovation Hack 2017. This year, the hack challenged the teams to find creative solutions to pollution-related problems, specifically something to protect babies and toddlers from the negative effects of air pollution in China, where babies between 0 and 3 years old can’t wear masks.

From July 17th-18th, the hack gathered some of the most brilliant creatives and innovators in the health area, as well as I&D and marketing executives from Reckitt Beckinser (RB), the leading company in health and hygiene consumer goods.

The focus was on China, where estimates show that more than a million people die each year from causes related to pollution. For two consecutive days, resulting in about 28 hours of work, the winning team worked on a proposal of a pollution repellent, that will be developed by RB in the future, creating a new product category for the company.

The ideas were presented and judged on site by an expert panel: Roberto Funari, RB Executive Vice-President, and Professor Jingang Yang, from the Fuwai Hospital, and Director of the Department of Health Communication at the Chinese National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases in Beijing, among others.

In the words of Carmen Botelho, “it was a very exciting challenge, and I’m very honoured to have been a part of it, representing both Float Group and Portugal. For two days, an incredible team shared their knowledge and experience for a global health cause, and we ended up winning. I’m very happy with the outcome.”

Float Group was the only agency representing Portugal in the hack that took place during the Lions Health 2017.


Float Health develops new Mobile App for Locetar EF

Float Health has just launched a new Mobile App for Locetar EF, an App to help patients with their hand and feet onychomycosis treatment, by reminding them of when to apply the medicated nail lacquer.

As a problem which usually takes time to resolve, patients’ adherence to treatment is a key factor for success. This Mobile App is now available for iOS and Android. Go to App Store or Google Play and learn all about its key features.



Float Brasil launches new “Detetive Duchenne” campaign

Float Health Brasil launched “Detetive Duchenne”, the new awareness campaign for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The disease symptoms are often ignored due to general lack of knowledge about this problem, and this means that the diagnosis in Brazil is delayed from 5 to 7 years.

With the participation of the Aliança Distrofia Brasil (Dystrophy Alliance Brazil) and the support of the Duchenne Movement and PTC, we believe that the dissemination of information, helping symptom recognition, will trigger major changes in the Brazilian reality for this disease.

Watch the video and access the website of the campaign to know more about this cause.


Pedro Joel on DN Magazine “Opostos”

Celebrating International Workers’ Day, on May 1st, Float Group’s CEO was invited by the journalist Rui Pedro Tendinha to be face-to-face with João Camargo, the representative of “Precários Inflexíveis” [A group that stands against precarious working conditions]. This invitation was part of the heading “Opostos” [Opposite sides], which is published regularly on Notícias Magazine.

Pedro Joel represented the employer entity side, but in the end revealed himself quite a “flexible” and liberal employer, one who invests in valuing his company’s talents and one who believes in being closer to his employers in order to succeed. A living example that, sometimes, opposites don’t think as differently as you may think.


Francisco Gautier - Click Summit

Francisco Gautier at CLICKSUMMIT 2016

Francisco Gautier, Blog Agency Director, was one of the main speakers at CLICKSUMMIT 2016, where he was glad to share some of his experience and know-how on celebrity agency services in the digital world.

Several issues were discussed during the debate, from the importance of storytelling to the need of finding the ideal influencer for each brand, the relevance of online communities as communication channels, and other relevant topics.

Visit the CLICKSUMMIT 2016 website to learn all about this event and its program.



Float signs new Magnoral campaign

Float and Medinfar have launched the new image for Magnoral, a non-prescription drug to prevent and relief of symptoms related to magnesium deficiency.

Magnoral new image highlights the drug’s role in producing energy and fighting fatigue, restoring the lost vitality in all situations where it is most needed.


Carmen Botelho no Júri dos Lions Health 2016 em Cannes - Float Group

Carmen Botelho at the Jury of Lions Health 2016 in Cannes

Float Group’s Creative Director & Managing Partner, Carmen Botelho, will be part of this year’s Health & Wellness jury at Cannes Lions.

Cannes Lions judges are “senior creative professionals recognized for their achievements, valued for their vision, admired for their passion and trusted for their integrity” (sic) and Carmen will be the only Portuguese representative in this panel.

Float’s Creative Director was also invited to join a smaller jury for the Young Lions Health Awards, a competition rewarding the talent of the new creative generation.

Face to Fit - Blog Agency - Float Group v3

We’ve launched Face to Fit, which offers a new face to fitness

Blog Agency was responsible for launching the new Face to Fit blog, where Carmo Rhodes Sérgio will be sharing some training tips and exercises, diets and recipes, as well as fashion and beauty advise. To get to know this new communication channel better, click here.