When I started, the health sector was a place where everything was still left undone and where expectations flew high. Thus, it was immersed in this context of great potential that I have created Float Health.

Over time, we followed the market’s evolution and have established close relationships with our customers, most of which are still loyal to us. I deeply believe that this proximity, added to our ability to anticipate the future, allowed us to be prepared for the major changes, and projected us to gradually stand out and make a difference with our creative, innovative and effective solutions. This whole environment surrounding us has boosted the pharmaceutical know-how we actually hold. It is precisely by this kind of knowledge that we are distinguished and required by our customers.

In this journey, diversifying our services and expanding internationally were only natural steps in our path. After all, most of the Pharmaceutical Industries have gone international themselves, thus this contact with several other markets kept directing our expertise, designing the milestones for expansion, in a growing curve we strive to always keep sustainable.

Today, the scenario is quite different. The communication channels have evolved and direct and immediate access to trustworthy information is an essential commodity that everyone demands. Our clients’ needs have changed, and even the consumers think differently, therefore we have naturally evolved accordingly.

Given the growing online researching trends, and the consequent brand activation requirements, our response was to create Float Play, investing at the same time on ever more creative and innovative online solutions in several different segments.

Despite recognizing the evolution in online communication is still an ongoing discussion, one thing we had clear right from the very start: the internet propelled the opinion leader’s importance towards the consumers. Their influence via web is felt at a much faster pace and the brands interest in their channels has increased exponentially. The time has come to assume that opinion leaders are the new communication channel, underlining key interest themes for the health sector and many others. And thus Blog Agency is founded, bringing together abilities and skills not only to identify the ascending key opinion leaders, but also to create and develop new projects and new online channels in segments where we can generate increased value.

The world never stops and always keeps on turning, and Float Group is a reflection of this reality. With our strategic thinking and creative spirit, we keep on looking ahead, assured that we’re on the right path.

Pedro Joel
CEO & Founder of Float Group